Thursday, August 16, 2012

Simple Gourmet is Simply the Best

            I haven’t used the name of my favorite sandwich shop in quite some time.  I never say, “Hey, do want to go to Simple Gourmet?”  Instead, I simply ask, “Do you want to go to Julie’s?”  It’s not that I dislike the given name, in fact, it's quite fitting.  Rather, I feel like Julie, the endearing owner and chef of this Forest Hills eatery, is an old friend.  Not only does she greet you by name, but she also asks about your day and truly wants to hear your response as she makes a delicious, made-to-order sandwich or salad for you. 

Chalkboard Menu

            Speaking of food, the menu is extensive and creative.  You can choose from specialty sandwiches, to wraps, to paninis. You can even create your own sandwich…ya know, if you’re boring.  Did I just say that?  Moving along.  And let’s not forget to mention that the accompanying sauces, pestos, and salad dressings are made in-house.  There’s also a daily soup, daily-made sides like pasta salad, and some sweet treats for dessert. My favorite go-to order is the Southwest Chicken Panini.  (It is so good I forgot to take a picture of it the first 5 or so times I ordered it!)  It’s loaded with marinated roasted chicken, Havarti cheese, and jalapeño peppers.  It's then dressed with chipotle mayo and cilantro pesto and sandwiched between sunflower honey whole wheat bread.  And here’s the real kicker: it only costs $5.95!  In fact, the only sandwich that costs more that $6.95 is the Crazy Dave 6 Foot Under (a double decker sammie that I dare anyone to consume alone).

Southwest Chicken Panini
            I’m exceptionally lucky to have Simple Gourmet so close to my house.  Especially on Saturday mornings when I sleepily wander in to get a breakfast sandwich.  This monster will make you ashamed that you ever ate one of those so-called breakfast items from the golden arches.  Julie’s breakfast sandwich literally fills me to the point that I can’t eat lunch, and instead, have to wait for dunch (come on guys, ya know, when you eat between lunch and dinner…jeez).  I usually get the ciabatta roll with ham, Havarti cheese (yes, guilty, I love Havarti), 2 eggs, and chipotle mayo served up Panini style.

Breakfast Panini
            Do yourself a favor, and stop by Simple Gourmet (yes, even if that means going through the Squirrelly because you don't know how to get to Ardmore Boulevard any other way) .  Although, be warned, you will never be able to happily eat a sandwich from anywhere else ever again.  You’ll decide to “eat fresh” (pssst…that’s Subway’s slogan), and then kick yourself, thinking, “I should’ve went to Julie’s!”

I give Simple Gourmet: 5/5 forks

Will I Return?  Yes! (Probably tomorrow.)

Simple Gourmet
2203 1/2 Ardmore Blvd
PittsburghPA 15221(412) 271-2246

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